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Backing up your AOL email account with a secure and reliable service like Download free Advik AOL Backup Keygen is highly recommended to avoid losing access to important messages and attachments. Read this comprehensive guide to learn why and how to backup AOL mail with Advik.

Why You Should Back Up Your AOL Email Account

There are several key reasons to backup your AOL email account:

  • Avoid losing emails if account is hacked/deleted – Backups protect you from permanent data loss if your account is compromised or deactivated. Advik backups mean you have a copy of all emails.

  • Recover accidentally deleted emails – We’ve all deleted an important email by mistake. Advik backups let you easily restore deleted emails so they’re not lost forever.

  • Store emails long-term after closing AOL account – Even if you close your AOL account, your archived emails are retained by Advik so you can access old messages anytime.

  • Compliance and record keeping – Certain industries require retaining emails and documents for many years. Advik helps meet compliance needs.

advik aol backup Keygen

Advantages of Using Free download Advik AOL Backup for AOL Email Backups

Advik AOL Backup Keygen offers important advantages for backing up your AOL email account:

  • Automatic scheduled backups – Set and forget automated daily, weekly or monthly backups so your emails are always protected.

  • Unlimited storage space – Store as many AOL email backups as you need without worrying about storage limits. Advik offers unlimited capacity.

  • Military-grade encryption – Your email backups are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, keeping them safe from unauthorized access.

  • Restore to any email platform – Advik lets you restore your backed-up AOL emails to any email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

  • Affordable pricing – Advik offers very reasonably priced plans starting at just $3.49/month for comprehensive AOL backup services.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Backing up AOL Mail with Advik

Follow these simple steps to start backing up your AOL email with Advik:

Sign Up for an Advik Account

First, go to our site and click on Sign Up. Select the backup plan you want, enter your payment details, verify your email, and set up your Advik account credentials.

Connect Your AOL Account to Advik

Next, log into your new Advik account. Click on Add Account and enter your AOL email address and password. This allows Advik to securely access your AOL account so it can backup your emails.

Select Backup Settings

In your Advik account, you can select settings like:

  • Backup frequency: Daily, weekly or monthly

  • Which AOL folders to backup (Inbox, Sent, Deleted Items, etc)

  • Enable encrypted backups for added security

Restore Backed up AOL Emails

You can browse and search your AOL email backups within your Advik account. When you need to recover emails, install the Advik app on your desktop or mobile device. Log in and restore emails to any email platform like Gmail or Outlook in just a few clicks.

Advik’s Security Features for Backing Up AOL Mail

Advik utilizes enterprise-grade security to keep your AOL email backups safe:

  • 256-bit AES encryption – Your backup data is secured with military-level encryption.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 certification – Advik meets rigorous security standards audited by an independent CPA firm.

  • U.S. based data centers – Your backups are only stored in secured U.S. based data centers.

  • Strict need-to-know access – Only a small number of employees who need to access your data for support are authorized to do so.

Advik Pricing and Storage Plans for AOL Backups

Advik offers very affordable pricing plans to meet different needs:

  • Free Plan – Backs up 10,000 emails with 30-day retention. Perfect for trying out the service.

  • Solo Plan – $3.49/month. Includes 50GB storage space. Ideal for individual use.

  • Team Plan – $5.99/user/month. Comes with unlimited storage space. Best for businesses and teams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backing Up AOL Mail with Advik

Is Advik secure to use for AOL email backups?

Yes, Advik uses 256-bit AES bank-level encryption to secure all AOL email backups. Employees cannot access your actual backup data.

Can I restore my AOL emails to another platform?

Yes, Advik allows you to export your AOL email backups and restore them to any major email platform like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

How far back can Advik backup my existing AOL emails?

Advik is able to backup ALL your existing AOL emails no matter how old they are. There are no limits on how far back it can recover emails from.

Does Full version crack Advik AOL Backup Keygen work for both free and paid AOL accounts?

Yes, you can use Download free Advik AOL Backup Keygen to securely backup both free and paid AOL email accounts. Advik works with all AOL consumer email accounts.

What happens if I delete my AOL account?

Even if you delete your AOL account, Free download Advik AOL Backup Keygen will continue storing your backed up AOL emails indefinitely so you can restore your messages anytime.

advik aol backup Keygen


Backing up your critical AOL email data is a wise precaution to prevent losing access to important communications, files, and records. Advik AOL Backup Keygen offers an easy to use, fully encrypted, and automated AOL backup solution with unlimited storage. Sign up today for a free trial to start protecting your invaluable AOL emails.

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